Should You Choose Security Locks for Your Windows?

Safety is (and always has actually been) a big priority for house owners and industrial property owners. That’s why house and company security is continuously progressing. We are surrounded by no end of high-tech security services, such as finger print recognition entry systems, CCTV video cameras that can be live streamed straight to your mobile phone, and all-in-one gadgets that integrate video cameras, alarms and heat detectors to guarantee you are alerted instantly if anything uncommon or suspicious is spotted at the property. Such systems are mostly inefficient if your structure’s main entry points (i.e. windows and doors) are not effectively secured in the first place.

Just recently, a lot of windows include some type of security lock, but there are likewise additional features you can purchase. Here’s what you need to know.

Snap locks

A window snap lock is a perfect method to protect casement, side-hung or top-hung windows. It works by closing immediately when the window is shut, and just needing a key to open it. The locks are made from steel for added strength, durability and resistance to require.

Mortice bolts

A mortice bolt is often found on a door, but can likewise be an efficient security lock solution for hinged lumber casement windows. Mortice bolts are operated from the within just, utilising a key. The idea is to secure the window to the frame and, as such, stop prospective burglars from being able to open the windows from the outside.

Cable restrictors

Not technically a type of security lock, a cable window restrictor is a popular choice for property owners looking to boost their security– both in terms of making it extra challenging for burglars to get in, and preventing young children or pets from being able to climb up or fall out of windows. The restrictor allows windows to be opened to 10cm from the inside, and offers another layer to the physical barrier your window provides to intruders.

So, there you have it: simply a few of the security locks that are offered for your uPVC windows. Similar to all functions of your house or company security, the option you pick ought to be down to your distinct requirements and requirements– for example, the type of windows you have.

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