Should You Use a Blue Glass in Your Conservatory Roof?

It’s clear that conservatories can get quite warm in the summer months. It’s part of their appeal, assisting house owners produce a bright, cosy and tight living space where they can snuggle with a book, delight in a leisurely lunch, amuse visitors or simply look out onto the garden. If you ‘d rather keep the temperature in your conservatory down a little, then blue glass might be the option for you. Blue glass can be used in your conservatory roof to regulate the temperature and make sure that your area is as comfy as possible.

What is blue glass?

As the name suggests, blue glass is glass that has a really subtle blue tint. It assists to filter the rays of sunlight that get in the conservatory, making sure a cooler environment. The blue tint is not visible most of the time– only when it’s a particularly cloudy day and the blue glass can be seen versus the white clouds. Numerous leading glazing specialists are now consisting of blue glass technology in their offering, and it’s becoming a popular choice among property owners around the UK for keeping conservatory, orangery and extension temperatures down.

The benefits of blue glass

As we mention above, blue glass is most popularly carried out for its temperature level control qualities. However, it is also great for lowering damage triggered by sunlight– for instance, on furnishings, paintings and pictures. Consistent direct exposure to sunshine can cause some items to become faded and, eventually, look used. While furnishings and interior decoration can always be upgraded, this is not the case with photos and paintings, which might be irreplaceable. Blue glass stops your cushions, rugs, pictures, paintings and fabrics from fading so rapidly.

Additional features for blue glass

There are different kinds of blue glass available, depending upon your needs. While all these versions achieve the same standard objective, some have additional features. For example, you can get blue glass that is self-cleaning– it has an unique movie that fends off dirt, keeping the glass tidy without you needing to wash it frequently. While this self-cleaning film is excellent, it is likewise quite sensitive, so it’s essential to treat the glass thoroughly to avoid scratching the unique finish.

If you want to make your conservatory a lot more protected than it would be with top quality double glazing, you might select laminated or toughened blue glass. If you want to enhance the personal privacy of your conservatory, you could even get integrated blinds that are run via remote control.

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