Should You Use a Blue Glass in Your Conservatory Roof?

It’s clear that conservatories can get quite warm in the summer months. It’s part of their appeal, assisting house owners produce a bright, cosy and tight living space where they can snuggle with a book, delight in a leisurely lunch, amuse visitors or simply look out onto the garden. If you ‘d rather keep the temperature in your conservatory down a little, then blue glass might be the option for you. Blue glass can be used in your conservatory roof to regulate the temperature and make sure that your area is as comfy as possible.

What is blue glass?

As the name suggests, blue glass is glass that has a really subtle blue tint. It assists to filter the rays of sunlight that get in the conservatory, making sure a cooler environment. The blue tint is not visible most of the time– only when it’s a particularly cloudy day and the blue glass can be seen versus the white clouds. Numerous leading glazing specialists are now consisting of blue glass technology in their offering, and it’s becoming a popular choice among property owners around the UK for keeping conservatory, orangery and extension temperatures down.

The benefits of blue glass

As we mention above, blue glass is most popularly carried out for its temperature level control qualities. However, it is also great for lowering damage triggered by sunlight– for instance, on furnishings, paintings and pictures. Consistent direct exposure to sunshine can cause some items to become faded and, eventually, look used. While furnishings and interior decoration can always be upgraded, this is not the case with photos and paintings, which might be irreplaceable. Blue glass stops your cushions, rugs, pictures, paintings and fabrics from fading so rapidly.

Additional features for blue glass

There are different kinds of blue glass available, depending upon your needs. While all these versions achieve the same standard objective, some have additional features. For example, you can get blue glass that is self-cleaning– it has an unique movie that fends off dirt, keeping the glass tidy without you needing to wash it frequently. While this self-cleaning film is excellent, it is likewise quite sensitive, so it’s essential to treat the glass thoroughly to avoid scratching the unique finish.

If you want to make your conservatory a lot more protected than it would be with top quality double glazing, you might select laminated or toughened blue glass. If you want to enhance the personal privacy of your conservatory, you could even get integrated blinds that are run via remote control.

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Choosing The Perfect Patio Doors For Your House 

Selecting an outdoor patio door for your home can seem really complex, particularly when there are lots of various styles, yet don’t worry, we forgive you if you don’t recognise the distinction in between a basic door and a patio area doors or how many folds a bi-fold door must have. We understand that picking any kind of home improvement item will require research and a clear understanding of your available options.

 In this article, we wish to provide you our knowledge and clarify the difference in between every one of the doors offered to you, to provide you all the details you require to choose the excellent door for you and your house. 

Moving Outdoor Patio Doors

Moving patio area doors have been a popular function of English houses for several years as they offer unobscured views out into the garden. Moving outdoor patio doors can be suited huge and also tiny openings as well as can likewise be made to determine which allows you to fit them into your house the most effective means feasible for your residential or commercial property. Gliding doors can be opened to the full size of the sliding panel which is ideal for those warm summer days.

Gliding doors are offered in uPVC or aluminium frames and do not protrude inwards or in an outward direction indicating that you’re conserving optimal room at all times. The individual door panels can maximise the sight from your residence and additionally do not slam closed in strong climate conditions, indicating there is no risk of your little ones trapping their fingers in the door.

Bifold Patio Area Doors

Bi-fold outdoor patio doors are a fairly new product for the United Kingdom, however, they have become popular in a brief space of time. Bi-fold doors are made up of separate glass and also uPVC panels with joints in between each panel along with the door structure, this style indicates that the panels can fold up into one and also completely open one or both walls. The design of door will permit you to completely open up your residence and also bring the outdoors in.

They are offered with aluminium or uPVC structures, can be pushed right back to make complete use the opening, can be open inwards or in an outward direction, can be fitted with a website traffic door for very easy usage and also they can be fitted with a reduced limit, meaning that the change will be seamless.

French Doors

French doors are typically double-hinged and also can be opened either in an outward direction or inwards based upon the layout of the space. These doors are often denoted by their look, which will typically include a wood structure with individual glass panes occupying the majority of the door. French doors can be made to determine, which will give you a bespoke collection of doors, suitable your residence perfectly.

They are available with strong hardwood or uPVC structures and also suit a range of residential or commercial property designs. They offer you the alternative of opening up one or both doors, this is excellent if it is a somewhat cool day yet you still want fresh air. Doors can be fitted with exterior or inward opening providing you full design adaptability.

Hinged doors-Folding Doors

Folding patio area doors can be a real declaration item for your garden. Folding patio area doors are typically used for really broad spaces as well as typically have been between 2 to 8 panels or specific complete glass doors which open and close on a tracking system.

Single Patio Area Doors

Single patio area doors are excellent for smaller sized rooms as they do not use up as much room. There are many style options readily available and also are one of the most budget-friendly alternatives. You will be able to choose between dual as well as triple glazing to be extra energy efficient. You also have the option of adding a side glass panel per or either side, which will certainly enable more sunshine into the space of your option


We would certainly advise utilising uPVC material for your patio area doors as this is normally the most affordable. uPVC patio area doors are offered in a variety of different colours as well as do not discolour, peel, flake or rot with time. It’s additionally popular for its power efficiency which will conserve you money in the long run and also the atmosphere. They are also recognised for their simple upkeep as well as toughness.

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Can Frosted Glass Boost Your Home’s Privacy?

Frosted glass is a function of the home that we generally relate to the bathroom, as it is commonly utilised to obscure the bathroom windows to stop people from being able to see in. But, as increasingly more homes are being integrated in close proximity to others (in London, for instance, you might reside in a flat that is overlooked by an apartment block), or with windows at street level (e.g. ground-floor flats), many property owners are turning to frosted glass as a method of boosting their privacy within their homes. Here are simply some of the methods you can use frosted glass to make your house more private, without jeopardising on style.

Combine Standard and Frosted glass

Typically, you do not require a whole pane of frosted glass to improve the privacy of your space. If your bed room, living space or workplace is on the ground floor, and remains in plain view of a public street, then just having a strip of frosted glass along the bottom half of your windows can make the room significantly more personal– indicating people can not see you if you are laying on the bed, resting on the sofa or working at your desk. For sash windows, a similar impact can be accomplished by having the bottom panes made from frosted glass, and the leading panes made from basic clear glass. Doing this means that you can still benefit from being able to see out of the leading parts of the windows and allow a lot of light.

An Instance Privacy Solution

The terrific feature of frosted glass is that it does not require you to change your windows (unless you want to). While integrated frosted glass is definitely a gorgeous and premium option, stick-on frosting film is likewise offered. This is perfect for house owners who require a quick personal privacy solution– possibly due to the fact that a new property has simply been built looking out over your house. Frosted glass movie is simple to use and can be found in a large range of colours, patterns, styles and translucency levels, which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Make it as simplified or sophisticated as you like

As well as improving your home’s privacy, frosted glass can serve as an appealing design function. If you have sash windows, for example, you could have patterned frosted glass on the bottom panes and clear glass on the top panes, producing a sort of clear blind. For a truly ornamental option, your frosted glass film might have patterns, shapes or images eliminated of it. B y having these cut-out areas at head height, you can also continue to take pleasure in the outside views, while getting the personal privacy you need.

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Composite front doors

If you’re looking to replace your front door you’ve most likely got an excellent suggestion of what you desire. It’s a huge choice. Do you select a bold colour to make a declaration or something downplayed to blend in with the neighbour’s? You have actually most likely checked out all the alternatives too. Do you have a uPVC door with a polished in uPVC panel? You could have a wood door as well, or even aluminium. However, if you are reading this you’ve most likely currently decided on having a composite front door

So, what does your front door state concerning you as well as your residence? Well, it claims a whole lot, while the door will make a big impact on the appearance of your home, the private components will help site visitors to your house to recognize who lives there.

Composite front door colour

Colour has a large factor in exactly how your brand-new composite front door looks. Not everyone is the same as well as it’s possibly the hardest choice you will certainly make when selecting your new composite front door. Our Solidor composite front doors include a massive range of colours, 23 in fact. What collections Solidor’s colour variety in addition to the competition is that these 23 colours are stock as well as not splashed. The door skins are also via colour. This suggests if your door gets scraped, you won’t see a various colour beneath unlike a splashed door. The various other benefits of composite front doors is they are made right here in the UK. One advantage of this is you reach select the colour on both the outdoors and inside of the door.

What your door claims about you?

Adding colour makes a huge difference to how your residence looks however additionally offers individuals a glimpse right into your personality.Black doors can be sophisticated, powerful, and also prestigious and are a popular option for homeowners up and down the nation. While white doors offer a tidy as well as crisp look to your house. Anthracite or French Grey doors can add a classic and traditional air to you house. While blue doors reveal you to be reliable.

Eco-friendly doors can suggest a calmness, as well as relaxing household. While red doors can show a commanding, vibrant, as well as involving individuality lives there. Our new Lavender door would recommend the homeowners are spirited and young at heart. While our natural wood colours like Walnut or Oak can reveal a rustic and soothing home.

Safety and security as well as your composite front door

As well as the design of your brand-new composite front door, security will be one more aspect that assists you pick your brand-new composite front door. Winkhaus make our common door lock. Winkhaus are globe leaders in the style and also manufacture of multi-point door locks But while the remainder of the industry has decreased the three-point lock route, we utilize a door lock with 5 securing factors. We have actually also picked a lock that uses 20mm brass screws as opposed to hooks. Screw locks have a greater working tolerance significance smoother procedure for longer.

Extra safety for your door

If the solid wood core, five factor locking system and also three celebrity locks are insufficient we have some added safety alternatives for your door.We can boost the safety and security around the door cylinder. Adding the Locklock deal with includes an additional set of security improvements to your new front composite door. It’s round design quits the strong removal of the door deal with as it has no square edges to hold onto. We additionally fit a patented spindle (the part that links the inner and exterior bar) to shield the gearbox of the multi-point lock from excessive forces. 

This unique spindle has a shear factor created to damage if a person tries to require it. It likewise has a unique turn on the within that allows you to lock your door without inserting the vital or transforming the thumb turn (if you have one).We can additionally add laminated glass to the glazed locations of your composite front door. Laminated glass functions similarly as your automobile windshield, if it damages it stays in place and also is really difficult to eliminate. This stops intruders from wrecking the glass in or around your door to get entrance.

Compound front door glass alternatives.

Choosing the best glass for your new composite front door is necessary also. You can select from a huge series of glass layouts for your new composite front door. Solidor have actually created a range of magnificent glass developed to complement any kind of house. From easy sandblasted borders to complex bevel styles there is something to match as well as house.

For a minimalistic modern-day look, door numbers and also residence names can be sandblasted into the glass. Solidor have additionally recently introduced a new variety of exclusive glass created by Jo Downs. Jo Downs is appreciated around the world for her integrated glass styles. She develops as well as makes all her glass at her workshop in Cornwall. The partnership in between Solidor and Jo Downs is distinct in the composite door sector, and also the styles can’t be located on other construct from composite doors.

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Should You Choose Security Locks for Your Windows?

Safety is (and always has actually been) a big priority for house owners and industrial property owners. That’s why house and company security is continuously progressing. We are surrounded by no end of high-tech security services, such as finger print recognition entry systems, CCTV video cameras that can be live streamed straight to your mobile phone, and all-in-one gadgets that integrate video cameras, alarms and heat detectors to guarantee you are alerted instantly if anything uncommon or suspicious is spotted at the property. Such systems are mostly inefficient if your structure’s main entry points (i.e. windows and doors) are not effectively secured in the first place.

Just recently, a lot of windows include some type of security lock, but there are likewise additional features you can purchase. Here’s what you need to know.

Snap locks

A window snap lock is a perfect method to protect casement, side-hung or top-hung windows. It works by closing immediately when the window is shut, and just needing a key to open it. The locks are made from steel for added strength, durability and resistance to require.

Mortice bolts

A mortice bolt is often found on a door, but can likewise be an efficient security lock solution for hinged lumber casement windows. Mortice bolts are operated from the within just, utilising a key. The idea is to secure the window to the frame and, as such, stop prospective burglars from being able to open the windows from the outside.

Cable restrictors

Not technically a type of security lock, a cable window restrictor is a popular choice for property owners looking to boost their security– both in terms of making it extra challenging for burglars to get in, and preventing young children or pets from being able to climb up or fall out of windows. The restrictor allows windows to be opened to 10cm from the inside, and offers another layer to the physical barrier your window provides to intruders.

So, there you have it: simply a few of the security locks that are offered for your uPVC windows. Similar to all functions of your house or company security, the option you pick ought to be down to your distinct requirements and requirements– for example, the type of windows you have.

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UPVC door are cost effective:

UPVC doors have lots of advantages, besides enhancing the appearance of your home and add worth to your home. An additional benefit of uPVC doors is their power saving capacities; uPVC doors have far better insulating residential properties than that of standard wood doors, keeping cozy air in and also chilly as well as damp air out. Saving this type of power makes uPVC doors eco-friendly you will slowly notice you will certainly be spending much less on your home heating bills.

Minimize sound pollution:

If your house is located where the noise of traffic or the discussions of passers by is an issue, then UPVC doors will help in reducing the noise degrees massively. As soon as fitted in your house, you will discover that UPVC doors fit much better versus the frame of the door which helps stop noise from being available in, providing you with a calm tranquillity.

UPVC doors require little maintenance:

UPVC doors are an exceptionally sturdy material, this means that you will not need to obtain them repaired as commonly as wood doors. All UPVC doors require is a little oil on the securing system and also they are excellent to go, saving you money and providing you satisfaction!

Safety of UPVC doors:

UPVC doors have a core galvanised steel and are nearly difficult to damage down, they can not be forced into the same way as a standard door might be required. It can be stated that burglars as well as thieves currently know that it is a lot more difficult to use pressure with anything such as a crowbar as UPVC doors are anti-crowbar. Recognising this, it is not very likely that trying to gain entry into a residence that has UPVC front and back entrances will be much less desirable.

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